Practical activities in the forest create good mood, relaxes and stimulates. Style of activities can depend on your own wishes, time and choices. They may include fast-paced activities such as running, orienteering, ball and other games. 

A more peaceful forest vacation such as hiking, nature observation or forest bathing is ideal for relaxing and recharging. Visit to forest is perfect for being alone or having a good time with friends.

Forest can be also used as an excellent outdoor study environment. 

Puhka ja õpi metsas

We offer three types of activities in nature and forests: hiking, forest bathing and outdoor studies in the forest. The activities are in more detail presented hereunder.

Hiking in Estonia

We organize forest hiking and practical nature activities in different locations all over Estonia. Specifically we offer:

  • conducting an appropriate nature hike in the forest or other landscape with activities such as introducing nature and heritage, nature games, quizzes;
  • conceptualizing forest holidays as a lifestyle element and developing and adapting appropriate concrete action plans as appropriate;
  • organization of various events and seminars;

For more information about hikes, see the page Hiking in Estonia.

Forest bathing / sensing of nature

Forest bathing as a mindfulness practice in beautiful nature relaxes. It can be used as a short activity before or after a work day or as a dedicated time in a holiday. We offer nine dedicated and carefully selected forest bathing sessions integrated with easy walking trips in Estonia for groups and individuals. Each trip has closed audience, so you can relax and enjoy forest bathing privately or your friends only. 

The overall trip starts at your hotel or any other pickup point of your choice and return will be provided to a chosen place. Look at specific routes and more detailed information at the page forest bathing.

Forest bathing in Estonia

Study trips and outdoor studies in natural environment

Forest can be also used as ab outdoor study environment. We use forests and other natural landscapes to conduct nature education, and show how the nature around us can be used to convey and illustrate diverse, if not all, knowledge.

In nature education, we talk about nature and nature protection, forests as a diverse living environment and resource, but also as a resilient ecosystem and the role of man in the sustainable management of the environment.

We also introduce a heritage culture related to nature and forests, which is an important part of our historical identity.

We combine nature education events with practical activities and hikes according to the participants’ interests and goals.


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